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Family Law

We provide counsel and representation in all family law matters, such as contested and uncontested divorce, child custody, child and/or spousal support, division of assets, and domestic violence.

  • Answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the divorce process in New York and New Jersey. This part of the article goes over questions centered around the legal and financial issues that can come with divorce. 

  • A divorce is not like a one size fits all process, as it depends on the facts and situation of the particular couple. Each client is unique and so is his or her marital situation. Some people have been married for over 20 years; others have been together for fewer than years. Some people have many assets and valuables, while others barely have enough to pay rent. Some couples have children, when others have pets they treat them like their children.

  • No two divorces are exactly alike. Every marital breakup has its own unique legal, financial,and/or parenting issues, which require their own resolution strategies. However,every divorceundergoes the same general journey from initiation to closure. Whether you and your spouse make thisjourney slowly or quickly, expensively or inexpensively, stressfully or peacefully is up to you, but thedestination is always the same: from shared to separate lives.


    Here’s a basic primer of how the divorce process works in the United States and Canada. Bear inmind that you need to speak to a family lawyer to discover how the options vary in your state orprovince, as well as how the details and circumstances of your situation may affect the process.